Quick Back Exercises in Los Angeles, CA

Resting for too long isn’t good for your spine and the muscles that support it. This is why board-certified physicians often recommend some form of exercise to minimize or prevent back pain. Certain exercises should be performed under the guidance of licensed physical therapist. However, some back exercises can conveniently and safely be performed anywhere.

1. Abdominal/Stomach Strengthening

Abdominal and lower stomach muscles actually provide added support for your spine, so some simple exercises targeting this area can be beneficial. If you have some degree of existing back pain, focus more on gentle exercises like these:

  • Knee-to-chest lifts performed while lying down
  • Roll-ups; a relaxed sit-up with your legs flat on the floor
  • Scissors; one leg then the other raised and lowered

2. Lower Back Mobilization Exercises

The purpose of mobilization exercises is to keep your spine in a neutral position as you work supporting muscles. Such exercises can include:

  • Bird dog; extend one leg and then the other while on all fours
  • Bridge; on back with knees bent, feet on floor, and hips lifted until shoulders, hips, and knees line up
  • Pelvic tilts; on your back with cushion under your head with knees bent and pelvis tilted towards heels

3. Leg Stretches

If you have low back pain, odds are good that you have tight hamstring muscles. Leg stretches involve gentle stretches that can be performed while on your back with a little extra stretch achieved by grabbing onto a towel draped around your extended foot.

4. Glute Exercises

Targeting the piriformis muscles, which start in the lower spine and connect to the upper femur in each leg, glute exercises focus on another potential source of back pain. Exercises of this nature often involve resting on your back and extending one leg or ankle across the other.

5. Hip Stretches

Tight hip flexors can also contribute to back pain. These muscles can be stretched by extending one leg backwards while kneeling on the other one.

6. Yoga

Due to the diverse nature of yoga moves, there are many positions that can target key back muscles. Once you learn the movements, yoga can be performed just about anywhere.

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