Athletes and Low Back Pain Surgery in Los Angeles, CA

Lower back pain is a common ailment seen in athletes, because the spine undergoes excessive stress, pressure and torsion during many athletic activities. Other factors such as trauma during sports and poor conditioning can lead to lumbar discomfort. As a leading center for spine surgery in Los Angeles, we wanted to explore some of these causes to help athletes better understand how to limit pain from sports.

  • Poor Conditioning

    Properly warming-up before strenuous activity is essential to protecting the lumbar spine. In addition, stretching, aerobic exercise, and weight training that targets the muscles around the spinal column, help to protect the lumbar region. The most common injury to the spine resulting from poor conditioning is muscle and ligament strain. This type of injury is diagnosed after more serious back injuries are ruled out.

  • Trauma

    High impact sports such as football and rugby are notorious for creating spinal fractures that result in lumbar pain. Spondylolysis, also referred to as the “Scottie dog fracture” is a commonly seen sports related injury that involves the joint where the two vertebrae meet. Incidences of lower back pain in athletes should be investigated to rule our spondylolysis.

  • Excessive Bending

    Extreme bending that occurs in sports such as gymnastics and cheerleading can also result in spondylolysis. If untreated, the fracture may progress to spondylolisthesis, which is a condition where one vertebrae slips out of place over the vertebrae below it.  In some situations, the fracture may result in the need for a fusion of the spine so that the problem does not worsen.

  • Pressure

    Sports that involve weight bearing and shock to the spine such as lifting, skiing and other impact activities can put enough pressure on the back to cause a herniated disc. The discs are the spongy cushions between the vertebrae that serve as shock absorbers for the spine. Undue pressure or torsion can cause the soft middles of the discs to bulge outside the line of the spine, and in some cases the membrane around the disc will rupture allowing the contents to spill out.

Most sports-related injuries and subsequent pain from play sports can be treated with bracing, pain or anti-inflammatory medication, or stretching, there will be some cases in which surgery is necessary to protect the back as well as mobility and overall health.

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