When relief from spine pain (ranking among the most common medical complaints) isn’t achieved through traditional medical treatments, acupuncture may reduce or eliminate pain through the application of techniques that have been around in various forms for more than 2,000 years. Since acupuncture is drug-free and rarely causes complications, more medical professionals are recommending it to patients seeking relief from spinal pain.

How Acupuncture Eliminates Spine Pain

Based on elements of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture as a treatment for spine pain involves the careful insertion of sterile needles into specific points within the body. The purpose of stimulating pressure points is to correct a misalignment of the body’s natural flow of energy, referred as to as Qi (pronounced “chee”), within the body. It’s thought that the stimulation of the central nervous system results in the release of certain chemicals that create a sense of well-being conducive to healing or relief from persistent pain.

Complementing Traditional Medical Approaches

Acupuncture is meant to complement, not replace, traditional medical treatments by facilitating the natural healing process by targeting more than a thousand unique points within the body. Most spinal issues, such as bone spurs and ligaments pressing on nerves in the back, still need to be corrected through medical procedures, typically including some type of spine surgery, Santa Monica patients can rely on, to correct the immediate cause of the problem. Modern acupuncture does, however, incorporate some elements of traditional medicine, especially when it comes to initial diagnostic procedures used to create customized treatment plans.

When Acupuncture Fails

Some patients further combine acupuncture with homeotherapy (the use of herbal medications) and message therapy (focusing on specific muscle groups). However, acupuncture treatments, even when combined with traditional medical approaches, may not be successful. When this is the case, it’s important to evaluate your options which may include spine surgery.

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