Activities to Avoid with Back Pain in Santa Monica, CA

Patients who are suffering with back pain usually find that certain activities or positions worsen the discomfort. Developing an awareness to avoid activities throughout the day that strain the back can help individuals avoid aggravating back pain symptoms. Here are a few activities that will likely worsen discomfort or pain in the back, presented by the Santa Monica back surgeons at The Spine Institute Center for Spinal Restoration.

  1. Excessive Rest

    Severe back pain is often alleviated by simple bed rest, but too much inactivity can cause problems that lead to an increase in discomfort. Prolonged rest allows the muscles to weaken which hinders the body’s ability to support the spine, which can cause further injury and delay healing.

  1. Improper Bending and Lifting

    Bending forward to lift an item is a major contributing factor to exacerbating back pain. Practicing good body mechanics such as squatting instead of bending and keeping items close to the body when lifting from a squatting position helps to preserve the spine and muscles that support it.

  1. Poor Posture

    Slouching is a bad habit that puts undue strain on the spine. Developing a practice of standing or sitting up straight with the shoulders pulled back helps keep the spine better aligned. Being conscious of tightening the abdominal muscles also helps keep the belly from pulling on the lower back.

  1. Prolonged Sitting

    Long car rides are notorious for causing an increase in back pain. A rolled towel placed behind the lower back is a good supportive measure along with making frequent stops. Taking a break every two hours to stretch and walk around can help keep the back from succumbing to muscle strain. Individuals who sit for long periods in their occupation will find that investing in ergonomic furniture can help preserve the spine.

  1. Wearing Poorly Supportive Footwear

    Many styles of shoes can increase back pain. High heels force wearers to unnaturally arch the back, which causes strain, and other types of footwear with no support can increase back pain.

If you have back pain and have tried all of the above methods as well as a combination of medications and therapies with no success in eliminating pain, reach out to Dr. Bae and his team of board-certified surgeons in Los Angeles. Their experience and expertise in spine conditions can ensure a proper diagnosis as well as a course for treatment.

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