Can the Spine Realign Itself in Los Angeles, CA
Can My Spine Realign On Its Own?

While it’s common to have spine-related aches and pains now and then, most people have fairly healthy spines. Over time, the back and its parts can become misaligned due to age-related wear, poor posture habits, and other factors. If you’re […]

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Can Sciatica Lead to Knee Pain in Los Angeles, CA
Can Knee Pain Be Caused by Sciatica?

Most people don’t associate knee pain with sciatica. But if common sources of knee-related pain are eliminated, something going on in the lower back area may be affecting the knee. One possibility is irritation of the sciatic nerve, which originates […]

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How Long Will Sciatica Last in Los Angeles, CA
How Long Does Sciatica Usually Last?

Running from the lower back on down, the sciatic nerve is the longest single nerve in the human body. If it becomes compressed or irritated, the resulting discomfort, referred to as sciatica, can affect the lower back and nearby extremities. […]

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Can Degenerative Disc Disease Affect My Ability to Work in Los Angeles, CA
How Can Degenerative Disc Disease Affect My Ability to Work?

Not actually a “disease” in the true sense of the word, degenerative disc disease (DDD) is the term used to describe spinal disc pain associated with age-related wear or accelerated wear and tear. It can become a problem that affects […]

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How to Tell if Your Spine Is Misaligned & What to Do About It in Los Angeles, CA
Signs & Treatment of Spinal Misalignment

The human spine isn’t perfectly straight, but it’s designed that way to provide optimal support for daily movements. Yet when your backbone and its supporting parts are properly aligned, it should appear as if there’s a straight line going from […]

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How to Apply for Disability if You Have a Spine Disorder in Los Angeles, CA
Steps People with Spine Disorders Can Follow When Applying for Disability

Degenerative conditions affecting spinal discs and vertebral fractures are just some of the many possible sources of spine-related aches and pains. While 90 percent of the population will experience discomfort of this nature at one time or another, many people […]

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3 Grades of Severity for Strains & Sprains in the Lower Back in Los Angeles, CA
3 Grades of Severity for Strains & Sprains in the Lower Back

“I’ve pulled my back!” If you’ve ever uttered these words, you’ve likely experienced a strain or sprain related to soft tissues around your spine. Specifically, it’s the lumbar or lower back area that tends to be affected most by strained […]

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How to Treat Lateral Recess Stenosis of the Spine in Los Angeles, CA
Treatment Methods for Lateral Recess Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is an abnormal narrowing of the spine. It has the potential to cause pain and other symptoms if one or more nerves are compressed. There are many different forms of spinal stenosis. One of the more common ones […]

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How Does a Herniated Disc in the Upper Back Cause Pain in Los Angeles, CA
An Overview of Pain Caused by Thoracic Herniated Discs

When you think of spine pain, it’s usually the lower back or neck that comes to mind, since the upper back is protected by the rib cage and isn’t as mobile. However, there are times when a disc in the […]

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