Doctor for Back and Neck Pain
What Kind of Doctor Treats Back and Neck Conditions?

People who are living with back or neck pain that lasts for longer than a few days should seek medical treatment in order to determine the underlying problem. Professional, board-certified physicians in Los Angeles treat different types of medical conditions, […]

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Red Flags of Spine Surgeons
Red Flags to Look for When Meeting with Spine Surgeons

Choosing a spine surgeon in Beverly Hills should be dependent on your personal comfort level with that particular doctor. As is the case with any service offered by a qualified professional, however, there are red flags to look out for […]

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What is a Spine Specialist
What is a Spine Specialist?

In simplest terms, a spine specialist is a health professional who primarily focuses on treating spine-related conditions. It’s a good idea to see such a specialist when your back pain is becoming progressively worse or not responding to initial treatments. […]

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Second Opinion for Spinal Surgeries
What Spinal Conditions Require a Second Opinion?

Spinal conditions can be just as unique as the people who are living with such conditions, meaning treatment options aren’t always the same for everyone. While spinal conditions likely to respond to more conservative treatments like OTC medications or a […]

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Neuro vs Orthopedic Spine Surgeon
Seeing a Neurosurgeon vs. an Orthopedic Surgeon

Your spine surgery is likely to be performed by either a neurosurgeon or an orthopedic surgeon in Beverly Hills. While either type of surgeon is highly capable of performing spine surgery, there are some differences that you should be aware […]

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Coordinated Multi-Specialty Care for Spine Conditions
Understanding Coordinated Multi-Specialty Care

From preparation to recovery, you’re likely to encounter more than one specialist as you make your way through the various stages of spine surgery. Welcome to the world of coordinated multi-specialty care – the concept of providing patients with convenient […]

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Enhancing Outpatient Spine Surgeries
How Spine Surgeons are Improving Outpatient Procedures

Understandably, patients who need spine surgery tend to prefer outpatient procedures whenever possible. In order to meet patients’ demand, spine surgeons in Los Angeles and throughout the country are taking steps to improve the outcome of outpatient surgeries by embracing […]

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Benefits of Meeting with Spine Specialists
5 Reasons to Schedule an Appointment with a Spinal Specialist

Occasional back pain with obvious causes like overdoing it in the gym is normal – and usually goes away with rest or an over-the-counter pain reliever. When pain and discomfort becomes a part of your daily life, however, it may […]

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The Benefits of Working with a Board-Certified Spine Surgeon

Board certification isn’t a legal requirement in California, although choosing a spine surgeon in Los Angeles who has board certification in addition to the required license to practice in a particular state can provide added peace of mind for patients […]

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