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Dr. Hyun Bae Speaks to Spinal News About Career Highlights and the Future of Spinal Medicine

Dr. Hyun Bae was working on a bachelor’s degree in biomechanics from Columbia University when he discovered his calling in orthopedics. His revolutionary work has made him a pioneer in the spine surgery field, challenging industry standards to improve current […]

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Dr. Hyun Bae Named Top-Rated Surgeon by Orthopedics This Week

Dr. Hyun Bae, Medical Director at The Spine Institute Center for Spinal Restoration, received top honors as the safest surgeon in the greater Los Angeles area based on his low complication rates for surgeries performed at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. […]

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Important Questions to ask Before Spinal Surgery in Santa Monica, CA
What Are the Most Important Questions to Ask My Spine Surgeon?

Having some anxiety prior to spine surgery is perfectly normal. However, your nerves can be eased by taking time to ask your surgeon a few questions before your scheduled procedure. Since you’re likely to forget some initial questions when surgery […]

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Find the Right Surgery Facility in Santa Monic, CA
Three Things to Look for in a Surgery Facility

As trends in healthcare delivery change throughout the country, more outpatient procedures are being performed in free-standing ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). The benefits of having an operation away from the confines of a traditional hospital include generally lower costs for […]

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Tips on Choosing the Right Spine Surgeon
How to Choose the Right Spine Surgeon

Since spine surgery is a highly personal decision, it only makes sense to choose a spine surgeon with the right skills and attitude to address your condition. Unless your surgery is immediately necessary, you’re likely to have some time to […]

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Different Spine Surgeries
What is the Difference Between Laser Spine Surgery and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

In recent years, surgeons have fine-tuned their techniques in ways that allow them to simplify operations that were once major, involved procedures. These innovative methods offer a multitude of benefits for patients that include: • Smaller incisions • Less trauma […]

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When to Consider Back Surgery
Is it Time to See a Spine Surgeon

Out of the nearly 60 million Americans who experience back pain, only five percent will need surgery. While this is good news if you’re hoping to avoid surgery for relief of your back or neck pain, there are times when […]

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Different Types of Bone Grafts for Spinal Surgery
What Types of Bone Grafts Are Available for Spine Surgery

Spinal fusion is a type of surgery that is performed in order to give more stability to the vertebral column. It is often done to correct problems caused by degenerative processes such as spinal stenosis and osteoporosis and as a […]

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PTSD after Spine Surgery
Can Spine Fusion Surgery Lead to PTSD?

People who undergo surgery are most often concerned about the pain and physical limitations that they expect to endure after the procedure. Many times, patients fail to consider the psychological impact an operation can have on them. In fact, recent […]

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