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What are the Top Causes of Neck Pain?

While women and people between the ages of 18 and 64 are more likely to be affected, anyone can experience some type of neck pain at one time or another. The general cause of neck pain is eventual wear and tear on discs, muscles and joints within the neck area,

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How to Manage Chronic Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain can be frustrating and interfere with an individual’s daily routine and quality of life. Usually caused by damage to one of the cervical discs, the pain can lead to muscle spasms, and it often radiates through the shoulders and down one or both arms.

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Home Remedies for Neck Pain

At The Spine Center for Spinal Restoration, we take a conservative approach to spinal care and first have our clients exhaust all non-surgical methods to try to minimize or eliminate neck pain before seeking out alternative treatments. If you are experiencing any level of neck pain or discomfort, consider trying the following simple remedies at […]

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