Neck Crepitation
Why Does Cracking or Grinding in the Neck Occur?

There may have been times when you’ve heard random pops or cracks in your neck when suddenly turning your head, or you might have woken up on occasion with a stiff neck, and when you turn to one side you […]

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Cervical Spine Sprains Treatments in Santa Monica, CA
What Causes Cervical Spine Sprains & How Do You Treat Them?

Back pain may be the most common reason for doctors’ visits in the United States, but neck pain isn’t far behind. A common cause of cervical spine pain is a sprain involving one or more of the ligaments and related […]

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Neck Tissue
How Does Soft Tissue Damage Cause Neck Strain?

A strain occurs when a muscle is overstretched repeatedly. Strains can affect any muscle, but it’s usually something that happens more often in the neck. The resulting soft tissue damage, while often painful and distracting, is usually only a temporary […]

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Relation Of Spine Anatomy And Pain in Los Angeles, CA
Understanding Spine Anatomy & Its Relation to Pain

The 33 bones of your spine are a complex mix of nerves, joints, and soft tissues. Most of the time, these parts work well together to complete various movements. It’s only when something’s not quite right that the importance of […]

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Stiff Neck Causes in Los Angeles, CA
3 Things That Can Cause a Stiff Neck

Characterized by soreness and pain triggered by movement, neck stiffness is a fairly common complaint. In most instances, this type of neck pain is a temporary inconvenience not related to a serious medical condition. Knowing what triggers to avoid, or […]

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Causes of Neck Pain in Santa Monica, CA
5 Common Causes of Pain in the Neck

The 7 bones of the cervical spine (neck) and the muscles that support it can be a source of discomfort that’s temporary and mild or persistent and severe. Most people actually experience the former rather than the latter. Even so, […]

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Socializing Helps Combat Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA
Does Maintaining a Social Life Alleviate Chronic Pain?

Affecting more than 75 million Americans at any given time, chronic pain can have a noticeable impact on mood the longer it stays around. Though initial treatment efforts like pain medications and physical therapy can be beneficial, new research suggests […]

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How to Get Rid of a Kink
5 Tips for Getting Rid of a Neck Kink

Knowing most instances of neck pain are due to some type of muscle strain won’t do much to make a “kink” any less distracting. The resulting discomfort can range from a mild annoyance to a sensation that’s persistent and painful. […]

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Tips for Spine Pain in Los Angeles, CA
4 Travel Tips for People with Spine Pain

Traveling could be another source of discomfort for you if you’re already living with back pain. The main reason for this is because sitting in one position is often part of the travel experience as you go from here to […]

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