Difference Between Epidural and Spinal
How Are Spinal & Epidural Anesthesia Different?

When reaching a point where the best option for meaningful relief is minimally invasive spinal surgery, Santa Monica patients have several decisions to make. One will be the type of procedure that’s right for each individual. Another important decision will […]

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Essential Nutrients Needed to Maintain Spinal Health in Los Angeles, CA
10 Essential Nutrients for Maintaining Spine Health

There’s a lot of truth behind the “you are what you eat” concept. This is certainly true when it comes to the bones, joints, and muscles that make up and support the spine. Your spine, like the other structures in […]

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New Shoe Technology Can Prevent Back Pain from Work in Los Angeles, CA
New Shoe Technology May Prevent Back Pain at Work

Lower back pain accounts for about a third of all work-related disabilities experienced by employees, making back pain the leading cause of job-related disability worldwide. While diligent employers may post signs to encourage proper lifting techniques, workers can’t be monitored […]

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Is a Sitting or Standing Workstation Better for the Spine? in Los Angeles, CA
Sitting or Standing Workstations: Which Are Better for the Spine?

On average, workers spend nearly six hours a day sitting at a desk, according to an employee survey conducted by British researchers. The same study found that employees who sit longer were also likely to spend more time sitting when […]

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6 Ways for Cooks to Prevent Spinal Pain
6 Ways Cooks Can Prevent Spinal Pain

What you eat in terms of the fruits and veggies you consume and how much water you drink on a daily basis is important to the overall health of your spine and its supporting structures. If you happen to be […]

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Misconceptions Clarified About Kids Backpack Use
3 Misconceptions About Kids & Backpack Use

Children will likely always need backpacks during their school years to lug around books and other essentials, plus a few extra accessories. Constantly carrying around a fully loaded backpack isn’t good for a developing spine. However, there are some common […]

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avoiding second hand smoke
How Secondhand Smoke Affects Spine Health

The potential health hazards of smoking are well known today. However, you may not be aware of the ways secondhand smoke can affect spine health. Though spinal issues caused by secondhand smoke are not likely to require minimally invasive back […]

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Flat Shoes May Cause Spine Pain in Los Angeles, CA
How Do Flat Shoes Cause Spine Pain?

Summer is a time when you can enjoy wearing more casual clothing, and flats are often the go-to footwear choice for people who love feeling fresh air on their toes. However, you should be aware that wearing those cute sandals […]

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Food Groups That Boost Spine Health in Los Angeles, CA
4 Foods That Boost Spine Health

The benefits of making an ongoing effort to keep your spine healthy will become apparent each time you have a day without significant or lingering discomfort. Not all potential sources of spine-related pain can be prevented, and some even require […]

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