Spine Surgery Travel in Los Angeles, CA

The choice to have spine surgery can be difficult, but it’s not the only major decision you will need to make. Once you and your doctor have determined surgery is your best bet for relief, the next step is deciding where you’ll have your procedure performed, and it might not be at your nearest medical facility. In some cases, it makes sense to travel to have your spine surgery elsewhere.

1. Poor Quality Care

Some countries don’t have access to the same level of technology as what’s available in the United States and major European countries. Patients may also come from locations where there aren’t surgeons trained in some of the delicate procedures often needed to correct spine problems. It can also be difficult to find local surgeons who can perform minimally invasive spine surgery.

2. Long Waiting Lists

Because spine surgery is so highly specialized, doctors who can perform it aren’t always readily available. Some spinal conditions, especially those involving nerve compression and related pain, may lead to long-term health conditions or disability if not treated fairly quickly. If this is the case, traveling elsewhere will likely benefit you.

3. Local Doctors Aren’t Helpful

Some sources of back pain are notoriously difficult to determine. It’s not unusual for several different doctors and specialists to have very different opinions and treatment suggestions. When nothing recommended is working, it may be time to look beyond your local area to seek other opinions and insights.

If your back pain isn’t severe enough to warrant immediate attention or if your surgery is considered elective, you may want to explore other non-surgical treatments if you don’t have immediate access to care. When this isn’t a possibility due to the nature of your discomfort and its impact on your quality of life, it may be best to travel to other locations with different resources available. At The Spine Institute in Los Angeles, we can diagnose the source of your pain and determine the treatment you need to begin living a pain-free life. Whether you need traditional spinal fusion surgery or an alternative like Mobi-C disc replacement, Los Angeles surgeons you can trust are available to help at The Spine Institute. Call Dr. Hyun Bae today at 310-828-7757 and schedule an appointment.