Back Pain from Desk Job

The human body was designed for movement, and sitting in front of a desk for hours at a time results in unnatural stress to the muscles of the back and the spinal column. Additionally, people who spend long periods of time in a chair tend to slump over and place a strain on the ligaments that support the spinal discs. So what can you do about it? LA Spine Institute offers a few simple changes that can help you prevent and reduce back pain at work.

Practice Good Posture

People who lean their heads forward and out of line with the rest of the body put excessive stress on the spine, and keeping the head aligned with the neck and shoulders helps reduce strain. To maintain good posture, the feet should rest flat on the floor and the shoulders need to be pulled back.

Invest in Ergonomic Furniture

Several types of ergonomic chairs are available on the market, and they are designed to provide optimal lumbar support. It is important that the chair is properly adjusted to the height of the desk to prevent slouching.

Take Regular Breaks

Even if people have supportive furniture at work, it is still important to take regular breaks from sitting at least every half hour. Getting out of the chair to perform simple stretches and walking around can help keep the muscles and spinal column from succumbing to stress. Taking a walk during lunch is a great way to relieve stiffness as well.

Schedule Regular Exercise

Engaging in regular activity is important for people who work long hours at a desk. Exercise helps to increase blood flow to all areas of the body including the back and spine. Performing core-strengthening exercises is a great way to bolster the muscles of the back and abdomen that comprise a major part of the spine’s support system.

While there are some cases that will require minimally invasive back surgery to correct, most back pain can be remedied through non-surgical methods. To learn more about the cause and extent of your back pain and treatment options, call 310-828-7757 and schedule an in-person consultation at The Spine Institute in Los Angeles.