Back Pain Caused by Stress in Los Angeles, CA

The connection between mind and body becomes clear when you consider the effects stress can have on back pain. Realistically, you’re not going to eliminate all possible sources of stress in your life. What you can do is develop effective techniques to relieve stress or anxiety that may be contributing to your back pain. The expert surgeons at The Spine Institute in Los Angeles have put together a list of techniques you can use to alleviate your stress.

1. Meditation

Shift thoughts away from your stress with meditation, which can be a simple as finding a quiet place free of distractions where you can clear your thoughts and focus on your breathing and relaxation. Mindfulness, in particular, is a form of mediation that focuses on being aware of what’s going on around you without reacting to it in a stressful way.

2. Journal Writing

Avoid keeping your stressful thoughts inside by writing them down. Writing can be a major source of relief and help you gain a better perspective on what’s causing your stress. You may even realize what you can do to change your stressful situations by seeing everything in writing.

3. Exercise

Get the blood flowing to your spine by relieving stress with exercise. It may seem counterproductive to do anything too strenuous while you’re experiencing back pain. However, there are gentler forms of exercise, such as yoga and water aerobics, that can produce similar benefits without added strain on joints and muscles.

4. Diet

Pistachios, asparagus, berries, and avocados are just some of the foods that can lower blood pressure and other biological reactions to stress. There’s also evidence that green leafy vegetables and other healthy foods may reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Back pain is likely related to stress if there is no clear source of your discomfort, as is often the case with nonspecific lower back pain. Even if your back pain isn’t entirely related to stress, there are plenty of other health benefits that go along with effective stress management. Speak with a board-certified back doctor in Los Angeles for more tips on relieving your stress and back pain.

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