Crossfitters Can Prevent Back Pain in Beverly Hills, CA

Incorporating elements of high-intensity interval training with a mix of aerobic exercise and weight training, CrossFit is a popular fitness program that can also result in unexpected back pain. Improper technique and other common missteps can increase the risk of injury to muscles supporting your spine unless you take some precautions before diving into CrossFit.

Understand Your Limitations

Spine surgeons in Beverly Hills advise giving yourself time to build up your strength safely if you’re new to CrossFit. If you’re experiencing muscle soreness or any level of pain, take a break or temporarily cut your reps. Don’t lift weight you’re not used to based on your current fitness level. Tears in the muscles and tendons supporting your spine can make your back susceptible to injury.

Learn Proper Techniques

Even if you already workout occasionally prior to starting CrossFit, make sure you’re up on proper techniques for every type of workout you will endure during a typical routine. Using a workout belt can also provide added support and help prevent back pain.

Learn the Mechanics of CrossFit

CrossFit isn’t your typical workout. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification so you have a solid understanding of what movements you’ll be making. If you have preexisting back issues, mention that to your instructor to see if you’ll need to make any modifications to your routine.

Strengthen Your Hip Flexors

If you’re going to CrossFit after a day at the office, you’re likely going from a sitting position to an active workout. Your hip flexor muscles are two long, deep muscles that run from your spine to your femur. If these muscles are tight, it can result in lower back pain during or after an intense routine. Outside of CrossFit, make an effort to stretch your hamstrings and gluteal muscles.

CrossFit isn’t meant to be a standalone exercise routine. Your back muscles need regular stimulation. Before starting your CrossFit routine, take time for a proper warm-up, especially since a typical workout can be intense. You’re competing against yourself, so focus on what’s best for you — and see your doctor for back pain that comes on suddenly or gets progressively worse.

If your back pain continues to worsen, it may be time to see a spine specialist in Beverly Hills to learn more about treatments including minimally invasive spine surgery, non-fusion surgery, and spinal decompression surgery. Call The Spine Institute Center today at (310) 828-7757 and schedule an in-person consultation.