New Health Study Research in Los Angeles, CA
New Studies Show Pain Killers May Increase Chronic Pain

Back pain is the most common form of chronic pain, frequently experienced by nearly 80 million Americans at any given time. If you’re among those living with chronic pain, painkillers may be prescribed after pain is first reported to a […]

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Determining Scoliosis Severity
Scoliosis May Result from a Disruption to Spinal Fluid Flow

A mutated gene humans share with a fish may be the source of a form of scoliosis that appears during adolescence. U.S. and Canadian researchers found that making repairs to this gene restored normal fluid flow in the spine and […]

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Spinal News in Los Angeles, CA
No Increase in Cancer Rates After Fusion Surgery with Bone Growth Factor

Recent research refutes previous suggestions linking a protein used to facilitate fusion formation in patients who have a surgery to some forms of cancer. A comprehensive study of a statewide cancer database shows no correlation between the bone-promoting protein rhBMP […]

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New Options for Spine Surgeries in Los Angeles, CA
Newer Spine Surgeries Are Standing the Test of Time

Spine technology has come a long way in a relatively short period of time, resulting in more options available to patients considering surgery as an option. The general trend is towards minimally invasive spine surgeries that reduce complication risks and […]

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PTSD After Spinal Fusion in Los Angeles, CA
Spinal Fusion Linked to PTSD in Some Patients

Spinal fusion surgery is a common procedure to treat back pain not responding to conservative treatments for back pain such as the use of over-the-counter and prescription meds and physical therapy. While fusion surgery is being performed more often in […]

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Sitting Epidemic in Los Angeles, CA
Sitting Disease May Be the Next Big Health Epidemic

An argument can be made that sitting is the new smoking in terms of the long-term health impact. It’s an assertion shared by Martha Grogan, a cardiologist from the Mayo Clinic, who says the risk of heart attack for someone […]

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Misleading Spinal Stenosis Drug in Los Angeles, CA
Research Shows Common Spinal Stenosis Drug May Not Be Effective

Medication may be recommended to treat spinal stenosis if there’s nerve compression contributing to related pain. While many drugs used to control inflammation and related symptoms provide meaningful relief for patients, a new study suggests one drug frequently prescribed to […]

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Growth Capsules Helping Spinal Repair in LA,CA
How Growth Capsules Could Change Spinal Repair

Spinal tumors can result in damage to the spine and adjacent structures to the point where fractures or cracks develop, especially when such growths need to be removed. Scientists are experimenting with a new technique that could reduce the risks […]

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SCS Decreases Patience Emotional Pain
Can SCS Reduce a Patient’s Emotional Pain Response?

According to Los Angeles spine surgeons, for more than a quarter-century, spinal cord stimulation has been a standard treatment option for patients with chronic pain. Many patients who undergo the procedure report anywhere from a 50 to 70 percent reduction […]

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