How Different Type of Shoes Can Help Reduce Back Pain in Santa Monica, CA

Back pain is often complex because there can be a number of contributing factors seemingly unrelated to your spine. One such factor often overlooked is footwear selection. Shoes that throw off alignment are just as bad for your back as ones offering very little support. If you are facing trouble with back pain resulting from shoes, consult a spine surgeon. Beverly Hills spine experts discusses 5 of the best types of shoes to wear if you experience regular back pain.

1. Minimalist Shoes

Not to be confused with flats, minimalist shoes are designed in a way that encourages the middle or front portion of your foot to hit the ground with each step. As a result, pressure is taken off your heel, which also reduces stress on your spine.

2. Running Shoes

Most high-quality running shoes provide added stability and create a neutral arch. You also usually get the proper amount of cushioning to minimize force when your feet strike the ground while jogging or running.

3. Shoes with Inserts or Insoles

Over-the-counter insoles or inserts oftentimes provide the added support needed to cushion your feet and maintain a neutral arch. Gel inserts in particular can soothe aching feet while also easing back pain.

4. Prescription Orthotics

If you have overpronation (“flat feet”), underpronation (excessive outward roll), or another foot abnormality, customized shoes or inserts can often correct alignment issues. Prescription orthotic shoes are prepared according to precise measurements to ensure a proper fit.

5. High-Quality Walking or Tennis Shoes

For everyday walking, a high-quality pair of walking or tennis shoes can provide sufficient foot and spine support. Choose a pair made of plastic, graphite, or other flexible materials to minimize muscle strain and maintain alignment.

If you wear shoes that tend to throw off your alignment like high heels above an inch in height, keep a comfortable pair of shoes handy to give your feet and spine a break throughout the day. Get your feet measured before selecting new shoes to ensure you’re getting the right fit because shoe size can change as ligaments and tendons lose their elasticity.

If your back pain is severe, there are many treatment options that can help you start living a pain-free life. At The Spine Institute Center for Spinal Restoration, we specialize in minimally invasive spine treatments and alternatives to spinal fusion surgery. Give us a call today at 310-828-7757 to learn more.