Maintaining Sex Life with Back Pain in Los Angeles, CA

Intimacy doesn’t have to end just because of back pain if you discuss your concerns with your doctor. It may be a difficult subject to bring up, but doing so may mean a return to a normal sex life. Maintaining this part of your life while also living with back pain often requires some special considerations and adaptations, but it’s not an impossible goal to achieve.

Communicate with Your Partner

A reluctance to become intimate with a partner due to back pain can be misinterpreted. Prevent misunderstandings by discussing your limitations and concerns. If you discuss your concerns with a physical therapist or board-certified back doctor in Los Angeles, include your partner in on such meetings so he or she gains a better understanding of what adjustments may be necessary.

Include Therapeutic Elements

Create a situation where you and your partner can take your time to enjoy the moment. Because back pain is often related to muscle strain, consider incorporating therapeutic activities into your routine. For instance, a warm bath or shower beforehand can serve as a lead up to intimacy while also relaxing spine-supporting muscles and joints.

Modify Positions and Movements

Low back pain is often triggered or relieved by certain movements. Focus on positions that tend to provide relief and modify sexual positions that best match. For instance, people with pain from degenerative disc disease or disc herniation often feel better while standing or extending backward, and bending forward typically eases pain from spinal stenosis. Relief may also be experienced by:

  • Using a pillow under your knees or back to maintain spinal alignment
  • Switching positions while being intimate to prevent placing too much pressure on any one set of muscles
  • Knowing when to take a break and shift the focus to other forms of intimacy

Further maintain a healthy sex life with back pain by exploring other aspects of intimacy in addition to the physical aspects of a relationship. For instance, a couples massage can be good for your back as well as a way to connect with your partner. You may experience similar benefits by taking yoga classes together or exploring variations on common sexual positions.

If your back pain is making various aspects of your life difficult to manage and you think you might need spine surgery, Los Angeles surgeons at The Spine Institute Center can help. We specialized in minimally invasive procedures that can help you start living a pain-free life. To learn more and to schedule an appointment, call 310-828-7757 today.